All reservations for the Ishtar Cruise in 2019 begin with a registration. Registration is for double occupancy or for a family. In case a single person would like to take the cruise, we will match him/her with another single person, once they get acquainted we will make the reservation based on double occupancy and both will be able to save money.

Registration fee is $300.00 and it will be applied toward the total fare of the cruise.

To register for the Ishtar Cruise please fill out the Registration Form below and then complete the payment for the $300.00 deposit.

janan sawa

Janan Sawa

Ishtar Cruise 2019 Registration

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You will enjoy a cruise filled with fun and entertainment. Entertainers include:

  • Sargon Youkhana (Chegui)
  • Ramsen Sheeno
  • Shabeh Lawando
  • Sargon Gabriel
  • Janan Sawa
  • Juliana Jendo
  • Sawsan Najar
  • Ogin Bet Samo
  • Isam Behnam
  • Johnny el Bandolero
  • DJ Jumpin' Jack
  • Johnson Sax
(Subject to Change)
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