Ishtar Cruise


Boarding and Departure

As you can see the itinerary, the Ishtar Cruise is scheduled to sail to the Eastern Caribbean Islands on Sunday February 24, 2019 at 4:00 P.M. We recommend that everyone arrives at Fort Lauderdale or Miami Airports at least 4 hours prior to sailing to be picked up by the cruise shuttle bus, and be at the Port at least 2 hours before sailing. Note, the ship usually begin boarding 4 hours before departure, so "The sooner the better". For this 6 days cruise each passenger is allowed 2 pieces of luggage and 1 carry-on.

Checked baggage service is only available until 2 hours before the ship's published departure time. Guests arriving after this time will be responsible for taking their bags on board.
Each checked suit case and carry-on suit case should not weigh more than 50 pounds and when lying flat, bags must not exceed 16 inches high by 24 inches wide for security screening purposes, all luggage should be unlocked. Oversized luggage and locked luggage may cause delivery delays.

Eastern Caribbean Islands Embarkations

Breathtaking natural beauty combined with old-world charm defines the magical allure of the Eastern Caribbean. With a distinctive fusion of European, African and Latin American influences, this region boasts quaint towns alive with diverse cultures amongst a breathtaking backdrop of swaying palm trees, velveteen sands and turquoise waters accented with rainbow fish. The locals are friendly, the duty-free shops bustling and the cultures fascinating. Soak up the sun, adopt it's laid-back island mindset and explore coral reefs teeming with marine life on an Eastern Caribbean cruise vacation.

Ft. Lauderdale is not just a sunny city, it's the departure port for Ishtar cruise, our first stop at 9:00Am is Nassau in the Bahamas.

sargon gabriel

Sargon Gabriel

Nassau, Bahamas is one of the most popular ports of call and offers travelers a variety of different attractions and popular sights. Essentially all cruise lines offer cruises that stop at this port, so odds are at some point in your cruise travels you will be calling on Nassau. This capital city, located on the island of New Paradise, is the largest city among the 30 inhabited islands in the Bahamas. About 70 percent of all residents of the Bahamas live in Nassau, making it the economic center of this country. Once a colony of Great Britain, the Bahamas gained full independence in 1973, but plenty of English influences can still be found in the culture, architecture, and everyday life. You can visit the Atlantis for the Day, take a trip to the Blue Lagoon, book a City Island Tour or make a "Beach Day".

Our second stop is Half Moon Cay. The Ishtar cruise to Half Moon Cay will be one of those rare instances where your imagination actually does a disservice to its dreamlike atmosphere. With an endless variety of excursions available, our trip to this secluded island in The Bahamas will be a vacation we won't soon forget. Take full advantage of the best Mother Nature has to offer. With pristine beaches and countless activities, this island is a place of beauty, adventure, tranquility and thrills that will make your cruise to The Bahamas memorable.

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1 Room
Two Adult & 1 child
10% on booking value
total 440$


You will enjoy a cruise filled with fun and entertainment. Entertainers include:

  • Sargon Youkhana (Chegui)
  • Ramsen Sheeno
  • Shabeh Lawando
  • Sargon Gabriel
  • Janan Sawa
  • Juliana Jendo
  • Sawsan Najar
  • Ogin Bet Samo
  • Isam Behnam
  • Johnny el Bandolero
  • DJ Jumpin' Jack
  • Johnson Sax
(Subject to Change)
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